Culture Change

boogertman: brand launch

Boogertman + Partners, a leading African
architecture firm, approached Brandrenew to help
launch the new brand and culture to staff. The brand
concept “Human centered design” was a good place to
start building a proprietary culture.


Picture a weaver bird’s nest. It is an intricate system of
individually picked threads that are woven together to form a
collective strength. If even one of these threads is removed, it
causes a weak spot and is deemed unsuitable to be inhabited
by the female bird.

We found that what differentiated this firm was the
collective of unique strengths. Each staff member’s
personal strength is woven into a strong yet very
individual collective that forms the basis of each project,
each interaction and each space. We called this the
Collective + and proceeded to build a launch around this

Culture story

Our individual strength is the culmination of all our individual
experiences but, when we weave our stories together, we create
a unique Boogertman + Partners story. Our collective story is
proprietary due to the uniqueness of the individuals that make
up the whole.

The event

The intention was to build an event with interactive
elements where the staff would engage with the concept
by building their own individual cocktails, canapes and
sweets. A wall installation was developed into which
staff inserted pencils that built the logo icon. Each pencil
had their particular individual strength written on. An
installation for each region showed what dominant
strengths existed in the regional offices.

Brandrenew also sourced the inspirational speaker, Lee
den Hond who related how the day she summited Everest
could not have been possible without the individual and
unique strengths of her entire team.

A digital timer was installed in each region that literally
counted the seconds down to the launch.

Digital comms where sent out to encourage staff to engage with
the concept a month prior to launch. The comms prompted an
app download that was used to snap colleagues and then blend
them into a digital collages which were intended to be sent in
to a competition.