Culture Change

MMI ISCoE: brand & visual language

Brandrenew® was tasked to develop and visualise
an internal Culture Change for a division of MMI
called ISCoE. The campaign aimed to revolutionise
the MMI ISCoE culture and cement loyalty / staff
productively on a large and lasting scale.

MMI ISCoE staff were not only mobalised to get
on-board but to start living and breathing the new
culture in all aspects of their daily lives. Our aim
was to deliver the extensive but simple on-board
campaign into the staff’s daily touch points. And at
each touch point, to reinforce the vision messaging.

This internal Culture Change rolled out in 5 stages:

  • The Flight Plan (Creating and launching the culture)
  • The Blue Print (Creating structure)
  • The Hangar (Building an environment)
  • Take Off (Getting the new culture off the ground)
  • Mach3 (Saluting performance)

1. The Flight Plan
Creating and launching the culture

A name, set of graphics, imagery and aviation language
was developed, based on a 1970’s fighter jet called
the SR7-1 Blackbird. The success of this aircraft was
mostly due to speed and functionality which was the
reason if worked well as a MMI ISCoE analogy.
OBSR7-1 was launch to staff in a hangar style venue
which added to the excitement around the theme.

2. The Blue Print
Creating structure

Various business groups were assigned aviation functions
aligning to their capabilities. The idea being that the sum is
greater than the whole.

3. The Hangar
Building an environment

Once launched OBSR7-1 was brought to life in
everyday staff environments, making it an experience
rather than just an abstract theme. The pause area was
transformed into the hub of the new culture, inviting
collaboration, discussion and thought, not to mention a
great cup of coffee.

4. Take Off
Getting the new culture off the ground

After The Hangar was completed, the new visual and spoken
language was rolled out across all internal communications.
Staff started using the coded aviation phrases in their
everyday interaction with each other, helping to build a tight-
knit, loyal community within the greater MMI.

5. Mach3
Saluting performance

Because every successful business starts with inspired
employees, a multi layered recognition programme
was developed. Mach3 (or M3 for short) was tiered to
allow individual strengths to be recognised:

WINGMAN: Recognising exceptional team effort
MAVERICK: Recognising exceptional MMI values
TOP GUN: Recognising excellence and out-performance