Branding & Design


Brandrenew teamed up with our friends at Savile Row Architects and won the pitch to produce the next generation KFC restaurants. The flagship site was identified as Grayston, Sandton.


Global strategy, branding and design took the lead in the project but the crux was how to localise the international messaging, making it relevant to our
audience in South Africa.

It was crucial that the branding and design dovetailed into the work produced by the architectural team in order to build a unified and cohesive visual language overall.

Design principles

The following principles helped to create a local design flavour inspired by the brand’s youthful audience:

1. Hand painted signage (inspired by local signage)
2. Large, amplified assets (boldness)
3. Hand illustrated graphics (inspired by street art)
4. Dual layered installation (depth to wall graphics)

Clean Restaurant Guideline

Once the new designs had been revealed within the flagship store and the guidelines on how to use the graphics where complete, a new challenge arose:

How to declutter the existing restaurant environments from promotional material to create a better experience for our customers. This Clean Restaurant guideline offers solutions for local store management to create frictionless customer experiences and thereby increasing spend.