Culture Change

XANADU: brand & visual language

In 2013, Montagu Property approached us with a distressed property development of theirs. Xanadu, which is situated at Hartebeespoort Dam, required
attention. The numbers painted a grim picture:

There were 320 occupied homes, 87 developer stands, 132 resale stands and 33 abandoned builds.

We strategised and created the perfect essence for Xanadu – “Live Slow” and positioned this campaign theme across select platforms to achieve the required reach.

Xanadu became the “Anti-city” estate, where living was easy and where “The only thing disrupting your thoughts is a fish eagle’s call. Live Slow”.

The results were staggering and we were soon able to reclassify Xanadu as a Recovered Development.

The stats spoke for themselves. In 2014, there were 485 occupied homes, 42 developer stands, 37 resale stands and 12 abandoned builds.

Thus proving that the right message, at the right time, to the right person will deliver results.