Branding & Design

TASHAS: brand & visual language

Brand architecture and collateral application & production

Tashas faced a unique challenge with their new branch to be opened in Hyde Park and they approach Brandrenew to help with the design solution.

The “problem” – how do we take a highly recognisable brand, and provide a new spin on it, without losing any equity, or buyers thinking they have entered a new store.

The problem required that we think about the brand on multiple levels. The existing Tashas brand, its equitable visual language elements, what Hyde Park would want from a “Tashas with a spin” and the creation of something new, that wouldn’t be isolated from the Tashas brand family.

Welcome Tashas le Parc. Tashas with a French flair. The feeling still inextricably is Tashas as you enter. The menu, the touches, the packaging, the macaroon & ice-cream areas, all unique, but all part of the Tashas family.